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NCT03852004 En recrutement IDF
Comparison of Osteopathic Treatment Versus Simulation on Motor Development of Hypotonic Infants. (HYPOSTEO)
  • Hypotonie musculaire
Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal Creteil (Voir sur ClinicalTrials)
décembre 2018
janvier 2026
29 juin 2024
Interventional study involving the human at risk and minimal constraint (RIPH2), randomized single-blind comparing the impact of osteopathic treatment on the axial tone of the hypotonic infant versus simulation
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Inclusion Criteria:Age: 8 months-24 months corrected age Axial hypotonia in the
neurological examination

- Age (age corrected for prematurity) of motor development evaluated on the Denver II
scale below chronological age

- Proposal for osteopathic treatment by the pediatrician or treating physician

- • Fever, shock or recent fall (face, skull, spine) not medically investigated,
persistent cyanosis, bulging or depressed fontanel, cervical stiffness, fever

- Neuromuscular diseases without axial hypotonia

- Not affiliated to a social security scheme

- Refusal to participate in the study by parents